Friday, December 28, 2007

Activities in Indonesia...

Indonesia... This name is quite precious, yet Indonesia is still boring for Indonesians itself... Padang, West Sumatera; the place which is really good for relaxing... Lolx... Finally, my friends came back already and we had some fun together, fortunately.... Fiuhh!!! I don't get bored anymore...

Here are some photos of Padang beach...
Football time at Padang beach with Azura Team... Lolx... Old friends always be together...A nice Jazz must have a nice sound system... See this alpine??? Wew...Nice Jazz ...Pasir Jambak Beach... Football again... -.-'''See how blur I am?? It means I miss malaysia...After came back from Pasir Jambak Beach, we went to eat Es Durian (Durian Ice) with Mpek-Mpek... So damn chun lar wei...

Monday, December 24, 2007

MerRy X~Mas 2007 and HaPpy New Year 2008

Nothing much to say, Padang goes fine... Nothing happened on 23rd Dec, fortunately... Lolx... Today is 24th, is the time for us the people who believe on Jesus Christ to celebrate the Christmas eve...

MerRy XmaS December 25, 2oo7


HapPy NeW yeAr January 01, 2008

Wish all the best for all of u guys! May joy comes and bless us in the new year... And, hopefully a new life!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Back To Hometown!!!

The first day I went back to Indonesia-- December 15, 2007; I straightly tried the foods which have been a long time I never ate... It was like, hmm... Yummy tummy belly... Till now, I have nothing to do beside hang out with my old-friends, eat and eat my hometown's foods and playing soccer on the beach... I wanna go to an island and do scuba-diving; but, there is a prediction whether there is gonna be a big earthquake which will be followed by a tsunami on 23rd dec '07 in West Sumatera (believe it or not?!? just be aware, wish it couldn't be happened and just a piece of false-phenomenon)

Nasi Kerupuk (Kerupuk Rice)
Soto Daging (Meat Soto)Teh Es Manis (Tea O' Ice)Lobster Panggang (Baked Lobster)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Before leaving the beloved house "A1109"

That day was December 14, 2007... I woke up quite early in the morning... I woke up at 9am then took my shower in the master room's bathroom... Afterward, I called shoaib to accompany packing like what I've been doing the last 5 days... Then, the Greek "Jason" came after being called by shoaib... After that, I and the Greek went to SS15 to complete our tasks (shopping, looking for the bus schedule and also asking the Taylor's Placement Centre about the University that I might go to). Then, I came home alone, the Greek didn't want to accompany me along... He'd rather to stay at home to have his strawberry pussy as what he said to me... Hahaha... Stupid greek... Then, here are some photos taken that day...
Packing... -.-'''Dirty Dining Table... Always...Living Room TableKitchen... Before Cleaning!!Washing Machine ler... Damaged...Before leaving, I left some signs to memorize myself as the one who had ever lived in A1109...Kitchen after cleaning... Dee, I cleaned up our kitchen as what I said to u...Broken Chair... Memory of Nico the Hulk...The common bathroom, bathroom that I always used before I shifted to Master room... Before leaving, I had my last shower here...Master Room's Bathroom...The hanger for Dee's, Nico's and my towels...Bye A1109... I will always remember the memorable events, the adventures, the happiness, the sadness, the bitter taste of life, the sweet taste of life and u all guys who have ever felt to be in A1109 (Dee, Nico, Fern, Arvin, Randy, Deeche, Yuvi, Ozzy, Shoaib, MinSu, Frederick, Mohan, Winston, Mark, Indra, Christian, Christia, Patricia, Carlopo, Shobaan, BJ, Benny White, Wouter de Vries, Janju, Adrian, Jenus, Christine, Christin, Meiting, Napp, Reuben, Emily, Jacob and Eason)

This house must not be forgotten, this house was the house where everything started and the friendship developed to be an extraodrinary-friendship ever.... McD was the special menu in this house and we must remember all the shits from McD that we had (rubbish and fats)...

Welcome to My Paradise

Old Members:

-Master Room :
1. Dirga Putra Kantawibawa
2. Fernhandus
3. Nico Afrionaldi

-Middle Room:
1. Frederick Anhalt
2. Shin Min Su

-Back Room:
1. Randi Tri Purnomo
2. Arvin Pradita Sembiring

New Members:

-Master Room:
1. Dirga Putra Kantawibawa
2. Frederick Anhalt
3. Nico Afrionaldi

-Middle Room:
1. Jacob
2. Eason

-Back Room:
1. Indra Permana
2. Christian

All fellow friends who had the loyalty to come:
1. Shoaib
2. Ozzy
3. Mohan
4. Winston
5. Yuvi
6. Deeche
7. Christia
8. Patricia

"Subang and Ridzuan Community"

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bored!!!!! Scream it!!! Bored!!!

Fucking holiday... This is what we should say "boredom strikes our mind"... Dunno wtf happened to this life, I reached the peak of the boringness in my life... It happened when everybody left me to go back to their own hometown, it's just so fucked up... I stayed at home with all of them, now the ones who still here are Shoaib and me... Ozzy just went back to bangladesh and winston just went to Thailand in order to achieve his goal-accomplishment of being a shemale... Haha... Let me share some story first... Last 3 days, when I, ozzy, shoaib and winston were at ridzuan... Shoaib went clubbing with winston... I was going to sit by the pool with ozzy... Haha, we discussed a lot at that time, n' suddenly, Winston came and straightly walked to A1109, so we called him to go down again... Afterward, we met Gaston- Indonesian mate; he talked about the manchester derby score which was 4-1... I laughed, then after Gaston left, I and Ozzy decided a plan to go to Subang by walking... Sounds weird either clumsy... Then, we all put our worthy stuff upstair and started to move.... We walked with the happiness and we took some photos, let's check it out!!!