Friday, February 22, 2008

New Hair Style

This was the thing I did when I was getting bored of what I've been doing so far. Getting fucking tired of my last hair style. Indeed, after thinking so long, I cut my hair.

Haha, nice rite. The next day, I tried to dye my hair to be a very fuckin' red... Check this out, in 1 day I have 3 hair colours (black, yellow and red).

Wahh.... This pictures are strictly law prohibited... Do not try this at home, for professional used only...

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Wew... Final Destination

Yupe, it has been such a long time i was wondering where i might be going for the university... Finally, I applied to UniSA (University of South Australia)

twinning program with Taylor's University College Malaysia which has known as the best private university college in Malaysia... I'm taking Bachelor of Applied Finance (Finance & Marketing) and gonna take my second degree after the 3rd year which is Bachelor of Business Administration(specialization), so, in 4 years of study i'll get double majors and double degrees... Nice rite? It's actually going to the opposite direction to what my brain and my heart were telling me to do before in the past of my life... Indeed, my mind has been settled for it... Although, yes I couldn't join the biomedical science course, it doesn't mean that my life is ended... My life still can glow like what it is supposed to be...

There are some reasons for me not to take biomed anymore and don't want to do it anymore, u know lah?!? Hmm, somemore, maybe it is the true faith that GOD has been creating for me, the faith that has been structurized by GOD... Finance not bad lah... Also interesting, it's all about money money and money... I love money... Time is money and money is happiness...