Sunday, May 31, 2009

etd. Pop 2009 (==unfinished==)

many of you guys have asked me about how was etd. Pop 2009. i actually made a video of it. all of the videos taken at pop was combined together and edited to be one epic video. but, problem with uploading video always happens when you need 'em to be uploaded. youtube rejected my video because it's too long in duration. i did try to upload it through blogspot video upload, yet, it seems there's a trouble too with the uploading process. sigh!

so, in this posting, i'm gonna just put several legit photos taken during etd. Pop! i'll try my best to upload the video.

Deep Voices

Sander van Doorn


Ferry Corsten

Paul van Dyk

That's me at the corner.

Review: nothing much to put as a review of the rave. i've gone to so many raves and none of 'em was bad. etd. Pop, what's good about it? the arena was good. it was like the miniature of round-circle stage designed for "sensation white", except there was no white dress code. don't get me wrong here, i said, "it's only a miniature, not as big as at sensation white (although i've never been to sensation white yet. but, i'm sure it looks alike)." now about the deejays. blake jarrell was the one who gave a massive hit in the beginning by spinning whitemouse and mgmt (kids). then, the house dj
(i don't know their name, though) were good , too. but, i'm more into trance, so i'll make more comments about trance djs. after jarrell, sander van doorn's turn. sander's opening and his new song (riff) were epic. then, deadmau5 from canada. he was the best spinner that night in my perspective. he just knew how to kick it. deadmau5 ended his spinning, and ferry corsten came up. his new songs are good, actually; but, i could see from people's faces that they were not that interested to ferry's new song (twice in a blue moon). and lastly, PvD, this dj is not as good as well-known djs i know. i was alone at the time he spinned because all of my raving friends were more likely to enjoy their last minutes at the house arena. yeah, PvD was not as good as any other well-known deejays. but, his old-school music style gave me a hit -- such as "for an angel". i couldn't deny the fact that, when he played his new tune "My home" after his old school songs, i started to remember the time back in the day when i was still in malaysia.

PS: I'll try to upload the videos asap! wait up guys, more to come...

Special thanks to:
- Marko Chavez

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

so today...

...i started my new job. i, finally, got this job after looking for it hella hard during this bad economic crisis, which has been knocking down the american economy since the past few months.

i'm working at a cafe as a barista & salads/sandwiches/paninis maker. well, this job is, i think, easier than my two previous jobs. also, it gives me good compensation too. the boss is a young good looking korean woman. so, why not? that's not the point of it. i like this cafe because i feel like i'm cooking at home. making coffee, latte, espresso? i do that the whole time at home. making sandwiches, salads, and paninis? damn it neg! i do eat "subway", however. of course, i can make it. Although, I've never tried to make one before.

ok then, that's it for today!
etd. Pop 2009 review will be coming up as soon as i feel find!

Peace out.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

etd. Pop 2009 review...

...will be coming up soon. as usual, for a couple of days after the rave, i will not do anything where i believe that i'm still having hangover. Days have been stressing me out hella hard.

Photos and videos will be uploaded soon!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

this is...! i've been waiting for today to come since like 6 months ago.

Today is ETD Pop day. I'm gonna leave in 2 hours, just can't wait to get back to rave scene.
Here is the highlight of ETD Pop from last year, hope it'd be the same or be better.

Peace out fella ravers! see you at cow palace!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

it's been a....

...long time i'm away from blogspot. even dee said, "update pantekkkk." lol! it's like more than a month already, yea i know. where do i need to get started?

days of looking for a new lucrative job have taken my social life away. trust me, the economic crisis in america, however, has been giving several bad impacts toward the people who live or try to make a living in this great country. unforgettable, california, as one of the most developed states throughout the united states itself. talk about it? better not, just watch the news.

what else? ETD Pop, baby! after made a dollar from previous job as a chef, i finally purchased my etd pop tix last month. it's such a happy thing ever. being away from the rave for about 6 months to focus more on my studies, and then having a chance to go to rave again. whadda life, neg? here's the photo of my tix.

and, of course, here is the flyer:

last but not least, my spring semester is finally done finished habis or whatever. i'm just so grateful because it was the only semester where i had to take math (statistics) class. simply say, i don't need to take math classes in the future. this is it. no mas math amigos! aizz. nevertheless, i'm gonna miss my medical chemistry class. that class was just fun and exciting as hell, studying organics and shits. not to be forgotten, my english class. damn, instructor was cool and gave me an easy "A" grade. I don't regret taking that class ever.

Sorry if i talk too much on this post, yea. i've been away for quite a while. so, what do you expect?

Below are just pictures taken when during the foggie days in san francisco and some random videos created by my homie wesley. good job director wesley cho!

The best name for SF is always the city by the fog, not the city by the bay no more! yaikz.

You guys have to watch these videos!

and of course, these...

girls got wild, yoo! aha...

kick it and you still suck anyway, nick! nah, just joking, don't take it seriously, tho.

Okay, i think it's enough for this long crockey posting, time to rest.

Guys, you have a good and lovely weekend. Be safe, alright!
Peace out