Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sri Hartamas Trip...///

OK, nothing much to say. It was actually the first time I came to this place despite of the fact that I've been living in Malaysia for 2 years already. That nite I was totally enjoying every part of our trip there. It was actually the same like Asia Cafe; but, the music or i mean the circumstances of the area is totally different with Asia Cafe. It's more trance and techno instead of R n' B. The thing is NO ROCK! Some more, it got bitches tough!! Yeah, that's nice. Ok, let's just get started with it.

Sting Ray**//

Chicken Satay, i think indonesian is better lah!!

Acting like a Wong Fei Hong, LOLs.. Nice!

After Rave, we eat......hmm//

This is the best food after rave, trust me. It's nice. Usually I ate it with Shoaib; but, since he is rarely hanging out with us. So, I ate it with Dee. Cheers dee!

A chicken Tandoori

Cheese Nun//

Banana Milkshake**//And of course, Curry!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

9 top secrets of women**

This time I'm trying my best to write it for u guys as a psychologist, but actually I'm not. So, read it!

Ever tried to wonder what's in a woman’s mind? What is she thinking about? Do you know that women do not always mean what they say. They might say something and mean the exact opposite. But what do women actually want? Read on to discover some of the most shocking secrets women don't want men to know.

Blonds aren’t always dumb- If you thought all of them were dumb than you are strongly mistaken. Hair colour does not affect a person's IQ. They only act dumb to seem cute or get you to spend money on them and if you do that than you are dumb not them.

Women get jealous as hell- They might deny it but the fact is they get extremely jealous even if their man talks to a random female or maybe a friend. She might pretend to act all nice but inside her jealousy volcano is about to erupt.

I am the sexiest of them all- Every woman has this mind frame no matter how much they try to deny it. Almost every woman wants to feel like the one and only beauty queen in the world as if nothing compares and demand royal treatment from all men.

Am I fat- I know you’ve heard this one time and again but let's all admit to it officially! No matter how skinny she is she would never consider herself thin. Almost every woman occasionally asks this annoying question- "Am I looking fat in this honey?”

They always lie about shopping- They might be out grocery shopping but always end up getting something for themselves which they thought was cute. They either try to hide it or lie about its price saying it was on sale.

Don't share secrets with them- If you have than you are already on prime time radio. Almost every woman shares each and every secret with her friends. They tend to share their secrets over a cup of coffee and have a good laugh over it. And yeh when I say secrets it means your private secrets as well ( he he) if you know what I mean.

What shoes are you wearing- If you thought it was a myth than think again. Women do judge a man by his shoes. So better make it a point to wear nice clean shoes the next time you walk out.

They know when you are cheating- Women have inbuilt instincts and emotion system which beeps and alerts when their man is cheating. No matter how big of a player you are you would always be caught no matter what.

Monday, May 12, 2008

*Freedom Festival, Port Dickson*, May 09th and 10th

There was a sensational event happened in Malaysia, May 09th and 10th. It was located at Admiral Marina, Port Dickson - Malaysia. Here it was, some famous DJs came there to spin, scratch and mix their CDs by using the pro-dj equipment (EOL) which was pioneer-turntable. The first time I arrived at port dickson there was like "wow", finally I could see Tiësto with my own eyes. The spirit I had at that time was so marvelous. After that, we went to the house that shoaib and all were renting to sleep for those 2 days. Soonest as we reached the place which was located at palmspring and named Duta Hacienda, we took a bit rest, chilling out with them all, I met some of them who I've never met before, I mean they are really new for me and they all are new ICPU students. At 8.00pm we all got ready to the rave, Shoaib and all were going at the first round. Just me, dee, and nico were left at the place where we were staying. We kept on waiting that Winston and Mel - Winston's girlfriend, to fetch us to the rave. On the way to go to Ozzy's room at Selesa Beach Hotel, just over sudden, we heard a fucking bad story, a story that made everything messed up! I believe all of our clan who went there knew this story. Damn, hell... Okay, forget this, continue the story of the Rave, we went to the rave at 11.00pm, wished that Tiësto hasn't started yet, fortunately, Ferry Corsten was still playing. Could you imagine how I would feel if I missed even one of his tracks? Yeah, I didn't want to miss any of Tiesto mixing... All of us were going...
On the way to Port Dickson, with Dee and Nico by using a cab, the taxi's driver was like so kind, all the best abang...
The Ticket's Sleeve
The Ticket for 2 days rave...

The rave bracelet... "2 days of freedom do not remove tag valid 09 & 10 May 08"

Before we get started, let's check this out, definitely it will highlight ur imagination...

Pictures taken at admiral marina...

It was a long way tough, we had to go all the way through it to get in into Admiral Marina.//**

Can u feel the aura of the arena? Think so...

Ozzy, Emily, Winston, Joyee, Fred**

Anthoknee, Fred, Winston, Shoaib and Carlopo//

Hello Malaysia!!!!!

I can't hear you!!!

Everyone kept shouting "Tiesto...Tiesto...Tiesto..."

The Laserman Experience, was so fucking awesome!

*The Crowd at dB arena*

//"Tot ziens DJ Tiësto"//
The ending part of the rave at the 2nd day which was may 10th, 2008...

Thus, these are some photos of event taken, sorry, only have this...
Here are some videos of the rave taken by myself at the first day:

to be continue...

Here are some videos taken by myself as well at the 2nd days of the rave:

See this ending parts, were the best of all!!//**

Just for you...

One more sentence I could say is "Thanks Tiesto, by ur elements of life, we all could gather together, could reach the serenity of our friendship, because we know that LOVE COMES AGAIN"... I'm waiting for the next time to see u again, mixing nice electronic-music which is called a proffesional trance to to enjoy, to find our destiny, to realized that world has its other side, to ensure that life is actually so excited...

DJ Tiësto - Freedom Festival
Admiral Marina - Port Dickson
May 09th and 10th, 2008

PS: whoever got the photos of the rave, i mean the photo of us all, please send me through e-mail, friendster, facebook, or maybe by copying those photos using the pendrive. Thanks all!!


Gonna miss u guys: Dee, Nico, Steven, Shoaib, Carlopo, Winston, Benny, Ozzy, Abaz, Faisal, Emily, Eun Ji, Mel, Anthony, Shoban, Amanda,Jeremy, John Z and also JoYee...