Wednesday, September 30, 2009

there is a love...

... in san francisco, loovvveeee!

what's up guys? it's been a very long time again i did not post anything on my blog. my days have been busy as hell. i really have no more free time like what i had during the summer break.. work and college are just extraordinarily exhausting. especially college life, i have so many writing assignments, and even worse, a weekly physiology exam. physiology, though, is a tough subject; yet, interesting. sigh.. it's just, in some ways, too much work all at once -- starting from exam, medical research paper (derived from 5 peer-reviewed medical journals), to lab report (looks exactly the same like medical journal with 5 or more peer-reviewed medical journals).

nevertheless, i just love this course because this course focuses on human body only -- how it works and functions. exciting, rite? it's like the science of human. dang!!

although, i'm a very busy guy, i don't wanna push myself too much rite now.. midterm is just a week ahead! hence, i'll let myself to relax a lil bit for at least a day. what i mean here is that i'm going to sf love parade (LovEvolution is its new name).. now the question is: what is it? homies, it's a rave... yey!

i just bought the ticket 2 weeks ago, after spending a very long time to decide whether i should go or not...

this is the photo of my ticket:
today is the last day of september, means that lovevolution is just 3 days to go... can't wait!
Californians say: "hella stoked!!!"

Sorry for my SL (spoken language) writing, i'm just not in the mood of writing proper english.

Awwrightt then... peace out!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

what's up with me?

Fire........! Scream it "FIRE....!" Yeah, right. Last week, when I was at work during my cigarette break, I saw these crowds. There were a lot of people running around to take a closer look at the smoke coming out from the building, which is a restaurant located in financial district. I couldn't see exactly what was happening because I only had 5 minutes break. I just took a picture of it, just in case it could be used as a future evidence or something. But, I end up by uploading this picture on my blog to show you guys. LOL!

So, my sis went to San Jose and bought me this Indonesian food. Not tasty enough to satisfy my Indonesian tongue. But, still, at least I got a chance to eat Indonesian food after quite a while. Thanks sis!

This is the one that makes me extremely happy. I bought this epic technics rp-dh1200 pro dj headphones. And, I got it like 4 days ago. I'm satisfied with its sound quality. Now, I feel like I'm Armin Van Buuren. LMFAO!

What else? Oh yeah, I've been sick from 2 days ago. This is what I hate. It's been 2 years I've never got sick. Hence, when I do get sick, I'll get such a complication of illnesses -- from soar throat, cough, flu, headache, fever, laryngitis, and fatigue. I wish I were in Indonesia, so that I could buy the drugs I need to cure myself without getting a prescription. But, here? Health care is expensive, though. Don't have such amount of money to pay the doctor. I just bought over-the-counter drugs and I'm getting better already. It's a big benefit that I'm now studying medicine. Thus, I don't need to go to doctor when I'm sick and I still can medicate myself.

Alright then, enjoy the rest of your weekend guys! Remember, stay safe!

Peace out...