Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Leaving SF to LA

Ok guys, as I've been saying since prolly 2 months ago. Today (December 30, 2008), I'm leaving SF, heading to Los Angeles to attend an epic and massive rave (Armin Only 2008). So, I'll be away for 3 days. Soon as I come back, I'll upload some photos and videos for you guys to see.

*Happy New Year 2009 People*

Thursday, December 25, 2008

First Christmas in the United States

Before I start my post, let me say:

"Merry Christmas 2008 people"

Celebrating Christmas in the United States is totally different with what I used to do before in Indonesia. When I was in Indonesia, I used to go to the church on the Christmas' eve with friends and then for the rest of the night we just threw a party until morning came. In here people celebrate Christmas by having a Christmas dinner and exchange gifts. So, at 3.30pm, before having dinner with my manager and co-workers, my manager gave each of us the co-workers a Christmas gift. Honestly, by its outside looking, I expected the gift was like Xmas card or something cheap. But, soon as I took a look inside, OMFG, it is a wallet, a branded wallet - Guess!

Thanks anyway Joe!!

Then, as I said about Christmas dinner, we headed to Geary St to have a dinner at a Korean Restaurant. Actually, I was like "what", Korean food again? Ok, no problem, as long as I don't have to spend bucks for the food, I'd eat anything.

After finished the dinner, I went home as soon as I could because I promised my sister that I would accompany her to go to downtown. Since she is the only family member I have here, it's being my responsibility to take care and fulfill her needs. Well, not all I think, but at least as a younger brother, I've been doing what I gotta do. So, we went to Embarcadero, it was raining badly tho. Hard to take a really good photo. But, at least we snapped some epic ones.

Again, Merry Xmas 2008!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Holidays People!!

Finals are done, nothing to do with College life anymore at least until February. But, still gotta work to make a living. In this post, I just wanna say "Happy Holidays People!" By the Christmas, which is 5 days left, let's spread the Peace and Joy to the world. Let's see this video:

Go have fun people, there are many interesting activities out there! Have fun!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Finally, Fall Semester is done, habis, over, what else? I feel so free right now! Just want to say, "hello people"!! 14 days to Armin Only LA.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Wintie owe Wintie

Owe my effin' God, the real and true Winter has just come, it's hella cold nigga! Well, I've never been to 4 seasons country before, so this thing's kinda new for me. Oh yea, started from last week to this week, I'm having final exams, really gott'a study tho, hope I could get A's for all courses I take this sem. But, that's impossible bcos of the english class. Damn it!

The next thing to say is: I keep counting how many days are left for ma' next rave (Armin Only 2008, Los Angeles) every 'effin day started from December 01, 2008. I'm absolutely ready for it! Can't wait.

Hmm, as youtube is still being ma' favie daily website, I just wanna show you guys some interesting video. Let's check it out...

Armin was actually in Jakarta November 08, 2008 (Bengkel, Jakarta). But, dee, why u didn't even go? OMDee, you should go ma' man! He's as sick as Tiesto...

Ok then, have a good day guys!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

December o'er December

It's already December, the weather in San Fran's gettin' colder and colder. Can't really stand with it since I gott'a smoke outside the house every time I want to smoke at home, shivering is what I have to face whenever I try to enjoy my "Silent Killers"; yet, love this weather too, cuz I can have a better sleep. The temperature in SF is approximately around 40-50F (around 4-10C); but, in some areas in California, it even reaches 32F (0C). Wow. That's cold! Ok, let's talk with my days. Days'r goin' normal, but since 1 of my coworkers went back to Japan, I have to work everyday till Friday. What else? Oh yea, started from last week, I've been looking for another well-paid job and still dont get that job. Asked here, asked there, anywhere, friends, and even craigslist, still no employment for me. *sigh* Anyway, winter means "the end for fall-semester", so by the next 2 weeks, I'm having my finals. Already registered for Spring-classes, was getting confused a bit about what classes to take (honestly, General Education Requirements make my life miserable). And, maybe that's it. I didn't really have much time to hang-out with friends last week, so, no new photo was taken. Ow, nah, for people in Malaysia, all CPU buddies, have fun for the hols! Dont forget to take pictures from the Graduation Ceremony!


Video of the week: