Saturday, August 29, 2009

hella days are so friggen busy

I'm so busy these days. Why? I have to work from Monday to Friday. I have to go to college from Monday to Saturday. And, I only have one day off on Sunday, you guys know that? One day off, wherein I have to do my assignments and to study for my physiology quiz every Monday.

I'll be updating this pretty soon. But, for now, just to inform you all that I'm extraordinarily busy.

Alright folks! Happy weekend... you guys have a lovely weekend.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

urgently in need of more holidays

Back again with Freddie here, writing a blog from San Francisco Bay Area. So, here is the only thing that makes me wanna cry so bad -- I'm in need of more holidays! Oh, what time is it now in Frisco? It's now 2.32am Sunday morning. What does that actually means? It means that I have to get my ass back in track really soon. Folks, I've gotta go back to college in less than 24 hours. Can you believe that? I bet you can. LOL!

Let's go back in time where I was having months of summer break. I'll just describe it briefly. Started from the first day of summer break, I've been doing exactly nothing; except to work everyday and to get drunk for more than twice a week. Well, don't think that I am a bad guy. I'm not! That's just the way I have to enjoy months of break.

What else? Oh yeah, one of my habits that really matters is my sleeping problem! My sleep-cycle has gotta be changed soon! It's like for real, negguh. I could never sleep before the clock's showing 4.00am something. Sometimes, I did sleep before 4.00am; but, they can't be compared to how many times I've been doing this bad habit again and again - including tonite, though.

Anyway, this is a photo of me on the roof of homie's (wes) apartment in downtown San Francisco. It was taken yesterday afternoon. I planned to stay over at his house on friday nite because once the scholl's started, I believe I could never go there and chill as often as I did during the summer break.
Ok folks! Y'all have a lovely friggen last day of the weekend. And remember, stay cool and safe!

Peace out...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

unsatisfyin' beach day

Negguuhh, eww...! By carefully watching the weather forecast everyday to find a legit hot day in SF, I made a decision to go to Ocean Beach today. It was, nevertheless, hot in my hoods. I don't know, San Francisco is just a weird city -- two actual weathers in one city. I expected that it'd be sunny and warmer at Ocean Beach today. In fact, it was foggy instead of hot sunny day as the weather-caster "Sandya Pathel" from ABC7news said yesterday. So, here are few photos taken from my unsatisfying beach-day, just go to my facebook account to see more:

Do you guys see the fogs? Yes. San Francisco is never hot and sunny. Tha... Maybe, I should move in to somewhere down, or also known as SoCal.

Before I forget, starting from this post, I'm not gonna write too long anymore. My previous posts are a lil' bit too long, precisely like college essays. I mean, seriously. Who cares what I wrote and who wants to read the posts with mostly essay-format length on blogspot?

Okay then, y'all have a lovely weekend folks! take care


Time is showing 2.31 am and I am about to begin blogging. It's Saturday now! yee...

So, next week is my last week for summer break. College will start on August 17th this month. There are a few things to buy before college begins. To make it simple, I'm going to begin with a list I've been preparing since the past few days:

1. A new Jeans - Done!
2. A couple of new hoodies - Most probably would get them soon at AE or Marshall or maybe Ross.
3. A pair of new Shoes - I need to find the right one soon -- stylish and affordable.
4. A new backpack - have to go to Marshall soon.
5. Papers and textbooks - just sold my last semester texts on amazon, will do it soon!
6. Road Bike - to make easy rides with many benefits on me, will get it after next paycheck.

Anyway, I have no work today; but, I still have some laundries to get cleaned.

Okay guys, you guys have a lovely weekend and, remember, be safe!

Friday, August 7, 2009

oh dear blog, please forgive me!

Yes! You guys are right. No updates from me for quite a while. Man, I'm telling you that Freddie ain't got no time. I wish I had a special occasion or something this summer, like a trip somewhere to snap some good photos and to tape a few good footage.

Summer break is, however, given to students so that they could spend a vacation somewhere and get rid of a stressful college life before Fall semester begins in the middle of August. Indeed, that kind of "Freshman's lifelike way" is unfortunately not for me anymore.

I have to work from morning till 5pm Monday to Friday. I just hate it to wake my ass up early in the morning for one significant and the only reason, which is "To Make Money". But, I believe in working hard and enjoying life. Yes! That's definitely true, folks.

I'll post an update real soon! It's 1.08am Friday, 08/06/2009. My brain has been screaming and telling me that it needs a good hibernation.

Bye, homies!