Saturday, April 11, 2009

I just... my PSP 3000 that i've purchased online through ebay bidding. it comes with 1 game (ratchet and clank: size matters) and 1 movie (national treasure 2: book of secrets). overall, it's good, tho. the only bad thing is that this system is still unhackable. no such a pro hacker has succeeded to hack this system, yet. however, i don't wanna spend too much money on buying umds. let's see what's gonna happen.

so, spring break is almost finished. fortunately, i've done all homeworks. but, still have 2 exams next monday and tuesday. *sigh*

i haven't found a job for my weekdays yet. i'm still looking for it. it's really hard, not easy at all, since the american economy is very very bad.

alright guys have a lovely weekends.

!!!Happy Easter!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

whatta...! it's been 6 days since my spring break started, which means i only have 4 days left before college starts. honestly, i'm still doing nothing at all and just relaxing like lazy phat ass mofo! *pwned freddie*

i'm gonna have 2 exams (statistic and medical chemistry) next week. so, i've really gott'a start studying either from today or tomorrow.

what else? oh, i'm still looking for weekdays job. nothing much about it! as i only work as a chef once a week and i don't make that much money as I did before. nevertheless, i really need cash, extra cash, and probably hella lott'a cash. i cant live like this no more. very very low in cash. wish me luck guys!

here are some videos from Wesley Cho:

Wesley Cho is a friend of mine who is currently studying in Academy of Art University. he's doing a Master Degree in motion pictures and television. minibio of him: a korean-canadian, gets stuck in san francisco, a korean academy award winner of a movie "Million Dollar House", and he's pro in filming.

good jobs wesley.

this video was taken during sacramento rally

haha. reporter "wesley cho!"

haha. this one is funny as hell -- a life of a junkie!

this one was taken at the place where erinc works. that nite was fun anyway. *my name is lamborghini, black barbie, and we got hooka!!* lmao

wesley's bday. I'm in this video, however, it's too bad that only half of my head appeared. *bad cutting wesley*

ps. i put the videos chronologically from the most recently to the least recently.

so, hope u guys well, have a good day!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monterey Bay roadtrip

spring break, woohoo. i really had nothing to do for the beginning of my spring break, which started from last friday. also, my sis was literally bored of staying home as she's been having almost 3 weeks break. so, she purchased 2 road-trip bus tickets to monterey bay. here we go, we departed from fisherman's wharf sf taking this tour bus around 9am on saturday, 04/04/09.

i dont wanna talk much about this trip as later u can see how epic the monterey is. here are the photos taken from our road-trip.

we stopped to pee-pee and to have a 15mins break at Davenport

above: santa cruz -- norcal surfers' paradise

below: monterey bay


pebble beach

carmel beach

carmel's mission district