Saturday, June 27, 2009


...amigos! it's been a while. my days are pretty much the same, nothing much to talk about it.

so, Michael Jackson, a king of pop, had passed away. it was and is still being a big news throughout united states or maybe the world. every media is now putting his big image on the first page. controversies keep coming from his fans and other people who dislike him. the truths, who knows? you'd never know one's life, unless you are his/her family. let's just take a look at how the myriad innovations in dancing were originally invented by him, especially moonwalk. compare to now, melbourne shuffle would have been nothing if he had never generated that step. he was like so unique. he also had done so many donations to charity. his good sides are much more than his bad sides. king of rock n' roll, elvis presley, had passed away, and now king of pop's turn. who's next?

what i wanna say is just a "goodbye MJ, RIP!"

to farah fawcett too, actually. but, i don’t really know her. so, yeah, don’t really care.

to people who are going to EDC in LA this friday and saturday. PLUR! i really can’t make it due to my own financial crisis. always bring good vibes and be safe!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

the last goodbye to Jimmy...

...PW! it's really hard to believe that you rest forever and will never wake up anymore. just a few weeks ago we had a chat on facebook. you asked me when would i get my ass back to Padang, which probably your last wishes! sorry that i couldn't make it, mate! thanks for everything u had done, and please forgive me for what i had wrongly done to you. thanks for some good guitar skills you taught me, so that i can play guitar quite well now.

i just absolutely can't believe the truth that i won't be able to see you anymore in the future whenever i come back home!

Rest in Peace, my friend!
Tidurlah yang tenang, sobat! i'll miss you so much one day in the future. high school memories with you will always remain.

i still remember this song. this song was the first song you taught me how to play its melody. and this song is the song that actually explains a farewell to a passed-away-friend! so, this song will be the last song for me to you!

i still hardly believe this, though! nevertheless, life goes on. and, i mustn't get stuck here. be happy in heaven, dude! promise me that!
Jimmy's bro (left) and Jimmy P.W. (right)