Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rushing weekend

Fall season has just begun. It's pretty hot and sunny in the bay area from morning till Avro. But, it soon starts getting colder as the day is going darker and thick fogs during the nite instead. Not many new activities I did during this week. Here are some pictures I promised to Dee last week.


Sacramento St.

Place where I work.
Do not want to mention the name, sorry...

And know what? On Wednesday, the way back home, I saw these cars were crashed. And the driver was a lady who bumped this guy's car. Well, that's why I always be scared of ladies if they drive behind me.

While waiting for Muni no. 23 at Crescent Ave to go for evening class.

Eating Strawberry on Thursday.

CCSF Football Match!
CCSF (home) vs. Laney College (away)

This photo taken when I was on the way back home at 4.00pm after Lab.
Oh so boring, having an exam next Tuesday (10Chapters). A final draft essay due on Monday. Argh!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Memories of the Elements

Well, it's just because I'm having no friend to hang out with here in the United States. Suffering from the desperate and lonesome feelings, precisely, strike me up like hell. Therefore, I started to think back about the past, remembering the days spent together with some of my fellows (Ridzuan Condo's gang) doing craziest shits! Hiks...Hiks...

I'm gonna upload 3 videos on this post.
Do you guys still know this video?
Haha... When the thing happened and made the imaginations had no boundaries?
Check these out.

Or maybe this old video:

PS: Miss you guys big time!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

SF LoveFest 2008 ticket purchased!!!

This Saturday, my sis planned to go to Clement St to buy some groceries. So, after Saturday class done. I went home directly because I was not in the mood of going to the LAB. Soon after I got home, my sis asked me whether I want to go to Haight St to purchase the SF LoveFest 2008 ticket which I wanted to buy since a month ago but always been canceled due to my busy days. So, we went to Haight St. The atmosphere there is damn cool yoo, I could see a lot of punkie buddies around. Almost all of them there have tattoos, body piercing, and also punkie hair styles. The buildings are also like extremely painted and designed with sort of hardcore art by the artist generals.

And here is my SF LoveFest 2008 after-party ticket purchased:

PS: I'm totally excited, it's gonna be my first rave in the United-fcukin-States...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekend, yey!!!

Summary of a week:

Almost like previous week, college and working life has been filling up my days throughout a week. However, this week I received the salary again. I expected to receive it on Monday. But then, when I was waiting for it as well as Mario did - one of my colleagues; my Boss didn't say anything. I kept waiting till Mario said, maybe we are gonna get it tomorrow. On Tuesday, we all received the salary. And know what? I didn't know why, I received 30 bucks more than I was expecting it to be.

Thursday, I got 2As again for MUS9A tests. Damn! Thank you so much Mr. Fenner.

Friday, I went to Serramonte with my sis. Had lunch at Mongolian BBQ. Honestly, it was like hell a lot, but too oily. Then, we went to pet shop and life uniform shop. Actually, according to the plan, we were supposed to buy the new microwave due to our previous microwave is damaged 4 days ago. Got confused at the first because my sis said, "Let's just buy the cheap one." After thinking and kept thinking about which one is better, then, we chose the one which are more expensive but a lot better.

Photo of the week:

Sunday, September 14, 2008


September 13, 2008...

Let's start from this morning. I went for saturday class and I was not in the mood of going for class. So, as what I usually did in Malaysia before if I'm not in the mood for college; "sleeping in class" was once again becoming the right choice (rite dee?). After class, I went to the lab to do some lab activities requirement. Went home at 2.30pm and had my lunch. Then, my sis asked me to go to Manila Oriental Market to buy some groceries. Instead of looking at the meats and sauces that we wanted to buy, I felt like I really wanna drink something for tonite. Thus, I decided to buy some beers. Hell yeah baby, it has been to long for me not gettting some brews which flowing over my tongue. Therefore, I bought the beers and of course I was not the one who went to the cashier, my sis did because she is 21+. Otherwise, there is no way to drink alcohol in the States. Based on the Federal Laws, I can't buy alcohol though because I'm not 21 yet. Here I am right now, blogging while drinking. Thinking about the time when I and Dee were blogging while drunk and shits! Haha... Damn missing my mates in Malaysia!

Photo of the day:
A typical Indonesian in the United States. Wearing slippers and drinking a "Teh Botol" with a stick of ciggie...

Friday, September 12, 2008


Summary of a week:
Friday. September 12, 2008.
  1. Like usual, working from monday to friday.
  2. Went for classes, Done for every assignments and forgot to pass up one of my English Assignments, shit!!! Forgive me Ms. Gates!
  3. Got 4A's for MUS 9A class. Hahaha...
  4. After 3 weeks didn't drink my favorite Ice Frapuccino at Starbucks, finally I bought one today after finished working, and of course, with a ciggie. Really love it!
  5. Received my Credit Card + different type of checks from WaMu Bank, CA ID from DMV and also CCSF Student ID.
  6. Still looking for friends who want to go to SF LoveFest 2008, thinking of buying the After Party Ticket soon.
  7. Chit-Chattin with old friend, Dee, using Skype. Gees, it has been extremely a long time I never heard his voice. Good luck Dee in Jakarta! Past is always the past. The one and only thing left right now which must be encountered by us is what we call "the future"!!
  8. Frisco is getting colder...
  9. Oh yeah, I start watching House, M.D. Season 1.

Ps: CA ID's number was intentionally edited to avoid misapplication by unauthorized persons.

Friday, September 5, 2008

California ID card

Again, for the second time, I reckoned without host. I was supposed to wake up early in the morning in order to make my California ID card at DMV. Gees, I woke up like 12.30pm. The last night I took 2 sleeping pills which containing 25mg Diphenhydrane HCl each. So that, I felt so sleepy until my eyes were hardly to open. My sis tried to wake me up since 10am. The best sentence I said to her repeatedly were, "U..Huh... I'll wake up!" Haha, I was like kind of junkie buddie. Ok, once I got ready to go, the intenseness of sun was blazing and the temp was like the hottest since I came here a month ago. I and my sis took the Muni no. 14, then changed it to 21 which headed up to Divisidero. After arrived at DMV, I filled up the forms and waited for like almost an hour. After the checking process for my Passport, I94, and I20; my full face photo, my signature and also my thumb-print were taken. And they said that they will deliver my California ID no longer than a month. Yey... I got my California ID though.