Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hmm, what's for the day?

Monday Oct 27, I went to college at late evening around 6.10pm. And what happened next? I dropped my wallet *sigh*. It never happened to me before. I had an in-class-essay to deal with, so no time to catch up that bus by going with the next bus. There is nothing seems important there. CA ID, can duplicate it. Student ID, can duplicate it also. Credit Cart, just call the bank and it's done. Indonesian driver's licenses ( A and C type), Indonesian ID; those are just a problem. Well, doesn't make a big deal anyway, but still, what if someone misusing my IDs. Committing crime, then leave my IDs over. That nite, I was trying all my best to get it back. After class, got on and off every Muni no. 23 (new bus--where I lost my wallet). Seemed nothing! I called 311, asked for help from 'em. Since they are San Francisco City&County Operator. They should be able to find it. Well, at least there is still a hope. Arrgh... So pissed off with myself. Why I was being such an idiot who could leave my wallet without knowing it soon. Today having a chit-chat with friends from SF and Vallejo. Talking about the next rave to go. Some of 'em would prefer David Guetta, one of 'em would prefer ATB. And came to the point where I must give a suggestion. I'd obviously prefer "Armin Van Buuren", on his show "Armin Only -- Los Angeles New Year's Eve". It's quite far from San Fran by the way, around 5 hours driving. Never been there, definitely. Back to the topic, Armin Only this year in LA is gonna be at "Together as One Arena, LA". Here is the link:
Just see this video before talking more about it, let's see. Stay tuned!

Just see next month... The problem is the distance and place to stay. "Welcome to Armin Only", I like this quote...

What else? O' ya! SF gets foggy again. Check out this picture, taken when I finished evening class today... *growl*... So cold!!!

It's not because of the camera was blur. But, it was terribly foggy!!

CCSF opposite street...

Before forget it, thanks for sis to make me a good latte with her "precious" *wink* espresso machine!! Lols...

Ok, see you guys... Have a good day!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday o'er saturday

This week was fun actually, except, for the fact that I had to admit my age is still considered as "under-age". I was supposed to have fun with friends when they asked me to go clubbing. Couldn't make it did make my life miserable that day. One thing came up to my mind, struck my brain up and one sentence was out of my mouth: "Oh God, I hate being under-age here. Yet, love it too, anyway, still young to be in College. Haha.. Thank God!" However, at least, I still can go to the Rave which sounds good or even better to me. As I don't go clubbin that much compares to the love I have of being at the Rave. Nothing much for this week, almost the same with last week. Just having a "smirnoff tonite". Upz, one more thing! I finally can do skateboarding, was learning so hard for "tic tac" skill. Yey... SK8 for life!!
Video of the week:

Markus Schulz - Without You Near

Armin Only 2008 Promo

Okay, cao guys! Have a good weekend...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cold Saturday

Cloudy and foggy, that's what happens with San Francisco from now on. Sky's getting darker around 6.00pm. Moon is really near! I never saw the moon that is so near like that in my life. Trust me, it's bigger than what I had ever seen. Without realizing, winter is coming soon! Woohoo... Went for Sat class and Lab, then, stayed at library until 3pm. Read a really interesting book. Essential of Nurse Anesthesia by Laura Wild McIntosh. This book shows how to practice clinical anesthesia and substances needed to put people sleep without counting-down from10 anymore. Here is the book I've been looking to for the past 9 months! Couldn't stop reading until got terribly hungry - Me mucho hondre!

Videos of the Week:

Armin Only 2008 ft. Sharon Del Aden - In and Out of Love

Armin Only 2008 ft. DJ Shah and Chris Jones

Friday, October 17, 2008

3rd weekend in October 2008

Time showing 9.37 p.m. (GMT-7.00), a guy who is usually busy finally have a free time to sit decently in front of his lappie and writing a blog. Neither class nor work to be worried about for this Friday. This week is pretty much more excited than a week before because I just received my salary yesterday, for the past 2 weeks salary. Planned not to buy anything in order to save money. But, still a plan is always a plan. Just 5 minutes after received the salary, I went to 7Eleven, spent around 44 bucks to buy a carton of malboro lights and a pack of Djarum Super. Wow, it felt so good to me, knowing that America got Djarum Super - Indonesian Clove Ciggie. I didn't smoke it for so long since I left Padang.

Today goes quite fast. I woke up in late afternoon because of watching House, M.D. season 2, got so excited about this movie and can't stop until I become really sleepy to watch. Hella! Addicting movie. So, today after went to buy some groceries at Manila-Mandarin Oriental. I and my sis went to Powell St. First, banked in at Wamu (Montgomery). Then, walked thru Market St. and there I was, at Quiksilver Powell St. Aggh... Why this store is such a bitch, seducing me to come in and buy something from it. So, I bought a new Beanie, shoes (skateboarding shoes- as I'm a newbie in skateboarding). And, yes, my sis bought me a new hoodies as my b'day present. Thanks sis... Afterward, we went to Metreon, a nice place where I've never been before. It's a nice place for like 30 minutes, but, after that I got bored of this place. And know what? There is a Sony Playstation Store there, and this store is just fabulous. It has the running-LED-lights on it's floor.

All in all, happy weekend guys! Have a g'day...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hey! I'm back

"That's the American way". This phrase maybe is almost true. American life for me is like exhausting. Between College and working life; I must crave so hard to make a living. Concerning everything to be simple is perfectly false. Being retarded for a week has completely taken my time way faster, recuperating myself. I had my b'day last week, turning 19 already. Hence, I completely want to be more mature, which I am rite now. Well, for the age of mine, knowing how it feels to earn money has given me one of those many experiences to be like a real grown-up. Soon I realized how my daddy was working too hard to give me allowance every month before and I always over-spent. Forgive me Daddy! Back to the days, I finished watching "House, M.D." season 1, and soon gonna finish season 2 as well. Trust me, this movie is fabulous. Inspire me to learn more and more about "MED". The other movie I watch is "90210 - Different Drama, Same Zip Code". Oh yeah, finally, once again, finally, I could put a barbell tongue piercing back on my tongue. Haha... I think I remember someone who has a tongue piercing too and asked me on the bus, "Do you have a tongue piercing too dude? Wow, that's cool!"

Well, maybe a lil bit being junkie, but I love Pringles... Lol... Addicted to pringles? Probably.

I came back home after working at 5pm, and suddenly my sis lighted up the candles and gave me a good surprising B'day cake where usually my "1109's members" did. Well, they are not around me anymore, but, thanks for the wishes guys! Haha...

Wherever I go, the thing is precisely the same, "Dominos", woohoo...

House, M.D90210, season 1

Oh yeah, one more thing, I just bought this skateboard last week from Finally it arrived on Wed. So, I'm a sk8r rite now! Lol... Although, just a beginner. It's quite hard to ride on actually, argh, I already got 2 bruises on my knees.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

SF Lovefest 2008, before and after party...!

Before you guys start to read this post, it might be a good idea to see an Official Video of LoveFest 2008. I want to thank all the LoveFest Event Committees in San Francisco who formed a very creative and genius idea to celebrate such a fabulous event like this. I like the quote, "Love is free and all ages are welcome!" Dance for Live!!!

Let's start from what I did from Saturday morning. Like usual, went for Saturday class. Woke up late at 9am and came to class half an hour late because I took sleeping pills on Friday, it made me extremely sleepy. Huff! When I was in Class; Ering, one of my friend, asked me whether I want to go to LoveFest with him. But, he was not sure yet, and he was gonna call me after he finished his Lab Activity. After class was done at 12.10pm, I caught up with time hoping that I'm not gonna be late for Lovefest Afternoon session. While waiting for Muni no. 49 in front of college to go home, I met this girl with weird styles -- a red wig, full-face powdered, black lipstick on her lips, torn-shirt, long-black socks, and cavity shoes. Thus, when we were on the bus; I asked her whether she was going to LoveFest. She said, "Yes, I'm going to Lovefest rite now..." I wondered what was gonna happen if all people were going like that. Then, she went down at Balboa Park Bart Station. And, I was still on my way to back home. Soon as I arrived at Mission St and Crescent Ave, I walked really fast to get home because I was champed at the bit of going to Lovefest afternoon session. Arrived at home, took a shower, had my lunch as fast as I could; then went to Civic Center taking Muni no. 23 from my house to Glen Park Bart Station, and Bart to Civic Center. Inside the bart, there were a lot of people wearing weird stuff. I was like "Hell yeah!" After that, I met these 2 buddies. They were seemed really confused when looking at San Francisco Map. When everyone got out from the Bart at Civic Center, as well as I did, those buddies were like still confused and just following all people (who were on the weird styles) to get out at the same station. When I walked out from the bart, I asked those buddies whether they were going to lovefest as well. They said that they were going to LoveFest, but, they are from LA and didn't know anything in San Francisco because they have never been to SF before. So, I accompanied them to the rave and to purchase the after-party ticket.

I went home at 5.30pm to have a dinner, to have a shower (some sprays of perfume on me), and to be prepared for the after party session! Came back to Civic Center Station, approached there around 7.45. Met Sal, Manio, Marcus, and Aya and then... Dance baby!!! Heard the beats, focussed on the music, looked at the lasers, and danced!!! It was just the way more amazing than what I expected it to be for the past 2 months...

...Deep Voices...


...Alien Laser Shows...

Armin "going wrong", the last performance...

PS: waiting for next year LoveFest...

Friday, October 3, 2008

2007 SF Lovefest review

Wow. Impressive, it's only the word I can say to this event. Last year event that I watched on Youtube proves that this event is gonna be crazy. My friend said so, by the way. She went to the Monday Rave. And, she saw craziness amongst approximately 500,000 people who were not only San Franciscans, but also people throughout a big State of California. I wonder what the Party on Saturday is gonna look like? Don't have a patience to wait for Saturday to come. Although, it's only a day countdown. Here are the review video. I will upload some videos from SF LoveFest event this year next time.

So people around SF, get ready for some love! And unforgettable to say, bring more waters!! LOLs...