Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mauwielollielow niggas!!

Hello everyone, the guy who has been missing since a week, now is back. I hardly found a good time to blogging these days. Well, actually not really, cuz these week I only had 2 classes and then holidays. Let's start from the holidays bcuz I know that my college story is boring weeks by weeks. This week, the people in the United States celebrated the day where we called "thanksgiving day". A joyful day where people thank for everything happened to them within a past year. So, lazyness struck me, getting lazy to do everything, thinking about sleeping would be a good idea to enjoy this week. But, it's not working. Whatsoever reason, my sis kept disturbing me, asking to accompanionship to here there and there again. So, went to Subway, like a Mart (or maybe Carefour in Asia). Ook, we bought a turkey breast, a grill chicken,Bread, and a big Ham. We went home, heated up the foods, then started eating. I know it sounds hella lot of foods, but, since thanksgivin's supposed to be thankful and eat until stomach gets upset and gonna explode soon after. But, yeah, I did. Owh! Now, it's the time to thank for something in my life. I wanna give thanks for all my family, friends (wherever they are ryt now), and my lucks in life. First, my family, thanks for everything in this life since I was born. Next, my friends, thanks for being such a tremendous and epic figures in my life, life such a boring bitch without friend, ever, no matter where you are ryt now, the memories are still remained in these little neurons in my brain. Last, but not least, thank for my God by giving me good lucks in everything until where I am rite now, 6 months with stressful feelings inside my head after done with ICPU, didn't know where to go and what I headed for, and finally I was given a luck to step my feet in the land of Uncle Sam.

That's my sis
I have no idea about what to put next, oh yea, today was like hella crazy at downtown. So many people chilling out at downtown of the city by the bay. Crowded here, crowded there, everywhere. Went to so many stores with my sis.

List of new things purchased today:
1. Burberry Perfume
2. Boxers
3. Gloves

and then, I'm broke. Argh!!!
Maybe, I'll just show you guys the video I watched tonite, maybe can bring back the memories or maybe not.

Here you go:

Hell, my English was damnie Bad... LMAO!!

Ok then, now, it's time to bed. Happy Thanksgiving People! Give thanks to everything.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kandi the life!

I don't know where to start. Okay, let's just start from my CA driver's license. After got flunked twice for driver's license written test, finally, I passed it this friday. LMAO. Soon as I finished all the things up at DMV, I went to Haight St again to get my Armin Only ticket (55$ for a pre-sale ticket). Argh, I just feel slapped on my face. Ouch, this is gonna be in LA, hella 9 hours of Armin Van Buuren, and it's on New Year's Eve this year. Could you imagine that? While counting down the time from 10 to 0, and the rave is being held, and of course in Los-fcukin-Angeles. Can't wait for it. But still, gott'a do the frickin exams first before going to the rave. Exams are coming up so soon. And, I still don't know what GE classes to take for the next sem.

What's next? Oh yea, I just bought my raving gloves. It's actually as a preparation for Armin Only, let the lights define vision, scent, touch, sound, emotion, and imagination.

Hmm, I went to Hayward this friday nite, precisely, at CSU East Bay. We had a party with friends. We played a nice game. Beer-pong, this is what it's called. We must throw the ping-pong balls on the cups filled with water. The one who can finish the game first is the winner, and the compensation for the loser is to drink loads of beer. Wow! There were around 32 of us. Then, we went up the hill to get drunk. The view was fabulous.

This is the view at Oakland Bart Station, transit to catch up Fremont Train.

Sorry if the image is a bit shakkie, been drunk already.

However, there was one frack and feldercarb thing. I tried to catch up the BART to San Francisco in the midnite. And know what? There was no more BART from Hayward to Frisco. And my friend who drove me up to the BART station was already gone. Fortunately, I called Moe, one of my friend, then he came and picked me up. OMG, that nite was so frickin cold out there, and I was alone. Hella, thanks anyway Moe. Then, I just slept over at my friend's house, Rob. Then, in the early morning, I tried to catch up the bus which goes to Bart (AC Transit no. 92). Hey, I had class this morning. Once again, know what? I read the sign on the board at the bus station and it clearly states that there is no bus during the weekend. And I was like, "what the fuck?" Called my sis, asked her whether she could google the bus line from CSU Hayward to Hayward BART station. And then, she said, "there is nothing I could find." Oh, no...... Keep waiting for the bus, and God blessed me. The bus came after 2 hours of waiting. Thank God! I was still thinking to go for class this morning. So, arrived in Frisco around 9.10am, tried to get home as fast as I can, then go for the class. As I got home, my sis just said, "Forget about class, you'r already late." Argh, thanks for convincing me not to go for my class. Lol... Honestly, since I moved here, I never skip my classes anymore, never... Indeed, 1 hour late for the class. Haha. But, the lecturer is not a strict person, so she let me in without any problems. All in all, at least, I had a great fun last nite. Knowing more and more people around here.

This picture was taken while I was waiting for the bus at Hayward. No one there except me by myself. Actually, that was a plane. But, since it was frickin cold in the morning, so, the heat from the plane made a good-looking little cloud.

K then, have a good weekend guys. PLUR! Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Give Thanks, Richmond, CA.

Sorry buddies, can't blog for a week! Nothing much about my days. Days are going pretty much the same. So busy with normal beezwax! Working, studying, and hanging out with friends during the weekend; those are all I did for the last entire week. Anyway, thanksgiving is coming. And the next thing to do is.... "go to the rave!!!" This rave is located in Richmond, not so far from Frisco, only 40 minutes bart.

The list of DJs who are gonna spin the t.tables are quite stunning and trancier. However, Ima think about it first. Idk yet whether I can go or not. It's all about cash! Argh. Okay then, have a good day for all of you guys! PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect)!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

One more week in the city by the bay

It's November already, the new president of the U.S. is elected. A dream from 40 years ago is now fulfilled. "The Black Power". Woohoo! Now, let's talk about San Francisco. San Francisco is now getting colder and colder, means winter is coming. Rain's almost everyday and the average temperature is around 45F (around 7C). Dried-lips, dried-face, and the thick clothes are the things happen to me during these cold days.

Raining day at Glen Park Bart Station

Ocean Avenue, SF, 94112. This is how the city by the fog during the nites.

Haha... As I said, I lost my wallet. Then, Franny, my sis friend, gave me this wallet. O'er my bloody God. This is PRADA. Obviously, aint cheap. Thanks so much Franny. However, on Friday, someone from CCSF bookstore, named Hong, called me that she got my wallet with her. Someone returned it back. Thank God! I got my wallet back without anything missed. Whoever he/she is, a million thanks! On the Friday evening, I and some friends planned to chill-out at SF downtown. See the picture above? OMG, those all are LGBTs. They were demonstrating about their civil rights because of California Prop. 8 is being approved. They are no longer can marry each other. Hahaha. Then, we had a long way walk from Civic Center to Embarcadero.

Civic Center by the night. How precious it is...

This is Embarcadero park, precisely in front of Ferry Terminal. We just walked through the park and we the air around was humidified. Well, the park is actually being prepared with coating of ice on it by the ice-makeing-factory. The purpose is to open the ice-skating land by November 12. Wow. Ice in the city. Can you imagine how cold is it now right here in the city by the bay?

Happy weekend guys!

Video of the week:

Ferri Corsten - Radio Crash (New Album: Twice in A Blue Moon)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A big congratulation for the next president of the U.S.

November 04, 2008 had come. And, the election's polls from totally 52 states to vote the next president for the U.S. had been closed. The permanent result is delivered and change has come to America:

Barack Obama, a 47-year-old first-term senator from Illinois, shattered more than 200 years of history Tuesday night by winning election as the first African-American president of the United States.However, Californians made a big different to the voting result. The people of a state with the biggest role where the highest points (55 electoral votes) amongst all states is placed here in California(as you can see from the chart). A big congrats for him, the 44th President of the United States.

As a result, Sen. John McCain concedes defeat and congratulates Obama.

Here are the videos of Obama acceptance speech:

One more time, I wanna congratulate the 44th president of the United States of America, the president of the blue, white and red stripes country. There is a proof that everything is possible. "A change has come! Yes, we can!" God bless America, God bless the people of the United States of America!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Barack Obama or McCain?

2 more days! And the precious land -- the United States of America, will have the new leader. A leader who might make a change to the land of Uncle Sam. Democratic or Republican? Who will win this fight? Let's just see this videos:

The future of the U.S. depends on the voters. Really think before you vote! Please choose the right leader who can lead the great United States of America to be a better country.

How about California Prop 8 (about LGBT rights -- Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender)? Yes or No? You decide...
Let's see this video (must see)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Game about Palin

Today, I played some internet online games on addictinggames. com. After that, I just found out this game: ; It was so fun actually. We must dress up Republican nominee Sarah Palin. Then I got her dressed-up. Let's see!

This is before voting!

And, this is after-voting... Hahaha...

Obama or McCain? Only 2 days to go!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday, still the same...

It's been 3 months since I started the journey of my life in the U.S. Weekend came just like how the wind flow. It came fast and end fast too. This week, the feeling of being desperate perfectly strikes myself up. Trying to convince myself that "here is where I am right now!" I never expected things are gonna be like this. The way I used to have so many friends around me, especially during the weekend, is now left as a day-dream only. Why life is absolutely different right now? Argh... I have no friend at all to spend my weekend with. Heard that almost all of 'em in Malaysia are graduating by this December. And, most of 'em are going to Australia in order to earn their bachelor degrees. Over sudden, I opened youtube, searched for a nice song... I really wish you guys there throughout all over the world to listen to this song and to make a promise for me that we're gonna have a meet-up someday like the way we used to do before. Someday, yeah, someday in the future!

Vitamin C - Graduation Song

Miss all of you guys big time!