Friday, November 6, 2009

My new chihuahua puppy

Last week, I let my cat to fulfill his temptation to explore the outdoor funs with a hope that he ould return after a few hours.. I put butter on his feet as what suggested from the internet. So, he walked down the stairs slowly and start smelling the scent of my house carefully. I watched him walking slowly. Then, he disappeared by jumping into my neighbor's backyard. And, he hasn't come back yet till today. I really thought that he would come back. But, he is still missing now.

I just adopted him 2 weeks ago, and this is the second time he went missing.I did look for him with my sister. Perhaps, he still didn't recognize my voice so that when I was looking for him by shaking his box of food around crescent avenue neighborhood, he wouldn't get out from his hiding place. Been looking for him for about a week now. Will my cat return? Hopefully. I've posted 2 ads on craigslist (CL), but no one has found or seen him yet.

So, last night I was looking to lost&found forum for San Francsico to find my cat. Then, I went to pets forum. I saw this ad where someone was selling his chihuahua puppies. I straightly emailed him about the price he was asking for rehoming fee. Pretty small amount, though. And, I adopted one of them. And, there he is, my new white male chihuahua whose age is still 2 1/2 months old. I named him "Jimmy", a similar name that I gave my little daschund mix puppy that I used to have in Padang before my dad rehomed him. These are Jimmy's photos:

*Woof Woof...

Alright folks! Have fun this weekend. And remember, be safe! :)