Thursday, October 29, 2009

hola, como estas yall?

how are you guys doing? it's really been a while i didn't update my blog. i hardly could find a time to just sit back and relax like what i'm doing right now. I was too busy this month with school stuff (midterm exams, quizzes, and assignments) and, of course, work. thaaa... it's hella tons of work to do to be a nurse. I realize, it takes more than just a courage! So here I am now, enjoying my beer, listening to the music on iTunes, and working on my psychology paper. I'm just gonna upload a few photos I took to show you guys what's been happening to me recently. Alright, shall we start?

This photo was taken when I was on the way to work. It was hella foggy. It was also a sign that cooling trend has begun. dang, winter is coming soon!!!

As it's getting colder and colder, there's nothing wrong to grab a bottle of beer to stay warm during the night. Hell yea!!!

Let me introduce you guys with this dude. His name is edward, I just adopted him. He's a friggen arrogant cat, indeed.

Fred : Edward, come here....! You will get your treat if you come...
Edward: Meow.. meow... meoowwwww!

Haaha! alright then, peace out guys! later...