Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday o Monday

it's monday nite. tomorrow is Chesar Chavez day, and it means "holiday". yey! i really have no clue about what should i write on this post. maybe just a news that i found a new job. guess what? i work at a japanese restaurant as a chef (konichiwa, lol)! well, the salary is okay, not too bad, at least better than my previous job. i get paid $10.00/hour and i work 7 hours a day. bad thing about it is that i have to start working from 7am-2pm. also, i'm still in training. so, i only work for the weekend. what? work during the weekend? it sucks, yea! but i have no choice. life's gotta be hard, sometimes.

anyway, let's listen to this song. it reminds me with my last rave in LA.

Armin Van Buuren - Together As One New Year's Countdown 2009 (ASOT 386)

Saturday, March 21, 2009


hello people!
let me share you guys the story of my sacramento road-trip, right before i'm off to bed. so, here i am again. im back to my beloved blogspot, finally. this week (last monday), i went for a trip to sacramento, the capital city of california. actually, this trip wasn't well prepared. although, my friend, robert, kept asking me to go to sacramento --the city where he was born-- with erinc and wesley for the past couple of days. so, after i got off from my morning math class. right on 8am, i called robert to ask him on which bus was he. at the time, the bus was about to leave because it was 8.30am already. and, the thing was i went to sacramento with books inside my backpack. but, as long as the buses were paid by ccsf and everything for the trip was free, i'm up to everything. cheap ass freddie!

on the way to sacramento, i didn't know what the purpose of the trip yet, until the other students on the bus were shouting, "Who we are? Mighty Mighty Students!" and, i was like, wtf? then, i asked robert what was this trip about. he told me that all of us (california community college and university students --CC, CSU, and UC) were going for a rally in sacramento. the rally was about the budget cuts for education in california. there is nothing gonna change for international students' fee, however. but, i was already on the way to sacramento.

just to make this post shorter. let me explain about this trip. there was a very very very long line of students walking from the bus station to the capitol building in downtown sacramento, the building where Arnold works. i just took some photos and shot a video to show you guys. then, we joined the other students there for about 30 minutes after we've arrived at the capitol building. afterward, we left to enjoy the city because we didn't want the trip to be meaningless. indeed, sacramento is a really old city. they separate the city by 2: Downtown and Old Sacramento. in old sacramento, u can actually see how the old America looks like (from indian american era until british came and changed everything). trust me, this area is really old, even the people in this area are old-fashioned.

the trip was fun anyway! hahaha...

alright then, have a good day people!

Monday, March 2, 2009

I resigned from Sapphire

i've been away for quite a while. i really had busy days from 7am till 10 or 11pm monday to thursday. i hardly could find a free time to post a blog on my lovely blogspot. so, here i am again. where do i start? one thing that made me terribly exhausted was working, though. well, since the beginning of this semester, i've gotta wake up at 6 because my class is at 7. then, after class, i was always in rush to get home, ate breakfast before i went to work. then, after working finished at 4pm, i had to get home as soon as possible because i have class at 6.30pm. i've never lived like this. undeniably, it was sucked. stressful days, tiring days, no chills, no funs, no, nothing.

after 3 months thinking about to quit working at sapphire. finally, today i made that decision. after work today, i told my manager that i want to quit. at first, he didn't want me to quit or else at least give him 2 weeks to find someone to substitute my position. but, i didn't want that thing happens. so, i refused him politely. i'm too tired of working there. it's like he paid less and expected more from me, fricking burmese. i just don't want to talk about it and don't feel like telling a mile of story about how sucked he was. what the heck?

now, i feel free, i can now manage my time to focus on my study while looking for a new job, not at restaurant for sure.

talking about last week, i had so much fun with friends. we got drunk and went up to polk and broadway st, just to chill outside the niteclub as my friend works there as a valet. the chicks there were crazy. that day was mardi-gra, though, so my friend who is studying at Academy of Art University (Film Production Major) took some good videos of the crazyness of american chicks. "good job, wesley, good titty show, lol". talk about robert, my friend from tennessee, he asked me to grab some drinks from liquor store using the fake ID (as im not 21 yet). guess what? he gave me canadian ID (British Columbia). so, to robert, dude, im asian, im not white, it's easy to recognize whether that id is a true id or a fraud. but, fun nite dude.

Midterm is almost done by this week.

Hope u guys well, have a lovely week.


Peace, Fred.