Saturday, February 6, 2010

Just bought a new laptop, Sony Vaio CW-21FX, last week. It's been a week of use. So far, this laptop works really well. It was a great decision. I have had no problems with it. Great value. Works like a dream. It's very portable, which is great because I'm always on the go with my computer. Hence, I need a small and easy-to-carry laptop.

This laptop is built with Intel Core i3 (Quad Core), Nvidia Gefore M300 with cuda, and Windows 7 Home Premium. I'm in college, so my primary use is the internet and word, meaning I don't need huge processing power, however speed is nice (2.13GHz). It's fast, sleek, and I love the keyboard (I like clickier keyboards, reminds me of a Mac keyboard). Windows seven is great, easy to learn after years of XP use. I was excited about the multitouch mousepad, however it hasn't really been that useful, however I like the scrolling features. I liked the icy white color this one came in. I recommend this laptop to anyone with general use in mind.
Let me tell you, this thing rocks! I'm so in love with this laptop now. I guess I will upgrade this masterpiece of technology soon.
Here are a few photobooths taken by its webcam:

Haha! It should be fun, right?