Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hi there, sorry for abandoning blogspot again. Midterm completely took my free time away. But, that was good though. I received good grades again this semester as a result of my struggles and efforts. Anyway, I'm moving out from my present house (Crescent Avenue, 94110) on April 1st. It's a good thing to do as I'm now a grown-up who is mature enough to live by myself. I've been searching and hunting for a shared apartment and room for rent in several areas in San Francisco. Sadly, I didn't get any of them. So, I went to ask a friend of mine to share his room in Alameda. He and his housemates welcomed me to his house. But then, I doubt that I could wake up as early as 7 o' clock every morning to get a carpool to Frisco with strangers. Well, moving in to Wesley's apartment would be absolutely great, but it's kinda too far from school and work. Hence, I kept looking for a room or an apartment in Frisco and I just found this nice place to live in today (Saturday / March 20, 2010). It is located nearby from school and Bart station wherein I reckon it'd be beneficial for me. I commute daily back and forth from home to school and work. And, this house is only 5-minutes-walk to school and 10-minutes-walk to Balboa Bart Station. Isn't that great? I don't have to waste my energy anymore waking up so early in the morning and stuff. I don't need to waste my time on transits after my evening classes everyday as well since I can just walk home.

Alright then, Blogspot. See you soon (if I'm not busy)! I bet I would. :)

Have a lovely weekend m8s! Be safe..


Anonymous said...

hi, skolah di ccsf yah? mau tanya2 donk.. aq lagi daftar nih smoga keterima haha.. indonya banyak?